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STEP 1 : Registration.Currently the School is offering Admission from Grade 1 to Grade 8

The  School Prospectus along with the  Registration Forms are available at the School Accounts Office

Fill and submit the Registration Form  at the School Admission Office.

Documents Required :

1. Attested copy of Birth Certificate
2. Previous  Year’s  Report Card
3. Passport Size Photographs – 2
4. Eligibilty for Grade1: Completion of 5 years of Age on 31.03.2017

STEP 2 : Placement Test and Interaction

An Entrance Test  and interaction with the School Principal will be conducted on a day scheduled by the Admission Office in the school campus.

STEP 3 : Confirmation of Admission.

Once the admission is offered to a candidate, it may be confirmed by depositing the requisite fee alongwith the following documents in the School office :

1) Attested copy of Birth Certificate 2) Previous Year’s Report Card 3) Previous two Year’s Report Card for Scholarship aspirants Grade 5 onwards 4) 5 Passport Size Photographs