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Philosophy of the School

At the core of DPSG,Sehore educational philosophy is the firm belief that each child is an individual with unique learning needs and the potential to succeed in any task they choose to pursue. It is our desire as educators to challenge students in order for them to exceed their personal expectations and achieve their fullest potential, whilst maintaining a caring, nurturing and mutually respectful school environment. DPSG,Sehore students achieve outstanding academic results across all phases of the school, which is the evidence to their hard work, the academic rigour of the curriculum and the excellent standard of teaching and learning provided by the passionate, loving and enthusiastic teaching staff. The sense of community at the school is outstanding. This is achieved via excellent communication and an inclusive relationship with the parents and school community as a whole.

The school’s motto of 'Let’s learn by doing’ symbolizes the positive culture at DPSG,Sehore as all students are encouraged to not only achieve personal success but to set the lamp of education to spread its brightness for all to succeed in academic and life journeys.

Please take the time to browse through the website, so that you may gain a sense of the school’s ethos and culture. There are exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing, with our community, the school’s continuing success.