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Creative Expressions

Specialists in handwork, art craft, theatre, dance, vocal and instrumental music are provided for the SUPW/Club classes.

We have several creative classes for our beloved students that will help to enhance their creative learning skills.

•    Sand play - Improves eye-hand coordination and tactile experiences and encourages exploration.

•    Waterplay - Essential for fine motor development and relaxed exploration needs.

•    Art exploration - With activities like drawing, painting, clay and art textures, kids enjoy the world of colors and visuals.

•    Drama elocution - Enhances language acquisition and develops expression.

•    Block play - Children recognize and enhance the sense of color, shape, size, weight and work on hand-eye coordination.

•    Reading - A special reading corner with appropriate books is a part of the learning space at the school.

•    Abacus - It harnesses brain power in kids and helps them in acquiring mental arithmetic skills faster.

•    Yoga - It relaxes, rejuvenates and lays the foundation for spiritual and physical growth.

•    Etiquettes and manners - Training children in these areas improve their social competence and build confidence.

•    Puppet shows - It stimulates thinking and makes learning interesting through the power of imagination and listening skills.

•    Field trips - Helps children to explore the world around them and make them, inquisitive and informed.

•    Roleplay - It engages children and helps them understand their world, family, and people who help them.