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Code & Policies

  1. Discipline should be maintained always within and outside the school campus.
  2. Students are expected to be on time to school, to attend the morning assembly.
  3. Parents are not permitted to meet the students or teachers during the working hours, without the permission of the Principal. You should contact the Principal regarding any complaint, and not the teachers directly.
  4. All students are required to speak only in English within the school premises. Use of foul language, obscene gestures, racial and disrespectful language or actions will not be encouraged. Fighting, hitting or assaulting anyone will have grave consequences.
  5. Parents are requested not to indulge in any kind of group meetings and create inconvenience of any kind in and around the school premises. Non-observance of this rule will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline and your child’s name will be removed from the rolls.
  6. Students should take pride in maintaining the school property. Any damage is liable to be penalized.
  7. No expensive or fancy articles should be brought to school. Articles like Mobile Phones, I-pods etc. are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated for a period of six months and a fine of INR 2000 will be imposed. The school is not responsible for any individual property lost.
  8. Parents should facilitate the completion of homework assignment given to their wards. They should not do assignments for students.
  9. Though every care is taken to ensure the safety and welfare of the students, if any accidents occur, school is not responsible for the consequences.
  10. The prescribed school uniform should be worn on all days. If a child doesn’t come in uniform, he/she will be sent back home, unless there is written communication from the parent.
  11. Students will not be allowed to go home during school hours. Parents are advised not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours. To ensure better discipline, parents are recommended not to send their ward to school on the day they have such appointments.
  12. If your child is not making the desired progress, the Principal should be contacted early in the academic year to seek advice for his / her improvement. (Criticizing any of the teachers or the school in the presence of the child should be avoided.)
  13. You are requested to promptly inform the Administrative Office of any change of address or phone numbers.
  14. Please take care of the personal hygiene of your child.
  15. If your child is suffering from any contagious disease, he / she will not be permitted to attend the class, until a medical certificate is produced.
  16. Please ensure that your child, takes pride in his / her appearance, wears the ID card every day. Uses the school diary properly to note down homework, class work and all instructions given by the teachers, neatly and legibly. Check your child’s diary regularly for important messages, circulars or any other information and sign in the assigned page. Use only blue or black ball pen.
  17. Students are expected to wear neat school uniform. The school reserves the right to send the students home when not suitably dressed.