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Chairman's Message

The dream we conceived in 1980 has now come alive with DPSG being ranked amongst India’s Leading Day Schools. The commendable scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of our students bear the testimony to our ability and commitment to providing excellence in education.

DPSG schools endeavor to provide students with an opportunity and environment for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to bloom and develop to their potential. While academic excellence is amongst our primary concerns, we also strive to imbue students with appropriate attitudes and values of forbearance, fair play, ethics, empathy, integrity, and fortitude and perseverance.

I congratulate all the Principals, teachers, and the staff members for their effectual role in developing DPSG Group of Schools and bringing it to great heights. At this juncture, I like to express my gratitude to all the school and society management, parents, print and electronic media and district administration for their proactive support in enabling DPSG schools to continue to meet the expectations of the society. We hope to spread the light of knowledge and message of quality education and touch many more lives making a vital difference in building an equitable society.

Om Pathak
Chairman- DPSG Society